Every parent wants the best for his or her child. Our passion is to do all we can to support you in this goal. This includes partnering with you in the important choices you make regarding your child’s safety and wellness. The development of safe and effective vaccines is one of the greatest health advances of the last century. Vaccines protect children from potentially devastating diseases. Some are more common than others, some are more dangerous than others, but all are potentially preventable.

Parents sometimes express frustration with conflicting messages regarding vaccines. Our job is to help you navigate this information. While the majority of parents choose to follow the schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, some have specific questions. We encourage you to discuss your concerns with your pediatrician, who will work with you to best meet your child’s needs.

If you want to further explore credible online vaccine information, please see these reliable sites:

The Vaccine Education Center of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Vaccinate Your Baby
The American Academy of Pediatrics
National Network for Immunization Information
Allied Vaccine Group